Corey McDonald Woodworker


Corey McDonald Woodworker



I’m a 2nd generation woodworker. My grandfather was a model maker for NASA. He was my mentor and greatly believed in me. I’ve always been artistic and have a strong love for nature.

For 10 years, I worked as a chef in fine dining establishments, creating great tasting food for others to enjoy.  Then I decided to make a huge change and start my own business, making something different.  It was then that my woodworking business was born.

What’s in a name?  I’m inspired by the message and sound of Grateful Dead music.  That inspiration is reflected in my business name and in some of my work, including my Greatful Dead Furniture Collection.

As for the creative process, the wood speaks to me.  I make one of a kind furniture pieces that are built to last a lifetime or more.   I love making custom pieces for individuals who have an appreciation for the beauty of natural wood and the art of finely crafted furniture.

Made me the most beautiful coffee table!  Also has some amazing wood pendants and pins!  He puts time and love into every piece he makes.

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